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How to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website!

How effective is your companies Digital Marketing Strategy?

Tracking your audience to analyze behavioral patterns is easy with GOOGLE ANALYTICS. It is a fantastic measurement of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Use it to monitor site behaviors & track visitors. Gain insight on website traffic, bounce rate conversions, user click-throughs and more.

All steps are laid out in the Google Analytics dashboard. Your sites metrics, segmentation capabilities for analyzing groups, creating custom reports for business specific metrics, e-mail based sharing & communication. It integrates perfectly with GOOGLE ADWORDS.

Step #1 Get a Google Analytics account.

Sign up! Always remember to safely store your passwords. If you do not have a Google account you will have to sign up for one in order to create a Google Analytics account.

Step #2 Choose what to track

Click on website.

Step #3 Enter all your business information

Account name, website name, website url, industry category, Country, & time- zone.

Step #4 Agree to Google Analytics terms of service

After you have confirmed, get your Google Analytics tracking I.D. or code.

Step #5 Copy your Google Analytics tracking code

I suggest leaving this tab open in case you need to return and re-copy it again.

Step #6 Choose which way to install your code into wordpress

A.) Functions File

This install directly into your wordpress theme. Using this route will add the code to every page of your wordpress site automatically. (Blogs included) Paste this code into your functions file.

add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wpb_add_googleanalytics’);
function wpb_add_googleanalytics() { ?>
// Paste your Google Analytics code here
<?php } ?>

B.) Header & Footer Plugin

First you will need to install & activate a Header & Footer Plugin. Visit Settings > Insert Headers & Footers page. Paste the Google Analytics into the box labelled “Scripts in Header”. Don’t forget to click save before exiting.

C.) Monster Insights Plugin

MonsterInsight is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. There is a free version & a paid version. The paid version has eCommerce tracking.  First install & activate the MonsterInsights Plugin. When you activate it, a new menu item labeled “Insights” to your WordPress admin menu. Visit Insights > Settings to configure the plugin settings. Authenticate your Google Account in order to connect Google Analytics to your WordPress site. The authentication popup will show you the line of code you need to copy. Enter it into your MonsterInsights popup. Click on the profile you would like to track.

Google Analytics will take 24-48 hours to show your stats

Visit your Google Analytics dashboard to review your data. Create your own custom reports!

Audience Tab will show you reports & help you understand your users.

Acquisition Reports explore where your users came from.

Behavior Reports summarize what your users do after they arrive on your site.

Conversion Reports show how well you’re doing against your goals.

Good luck with your new metrics tracking dashboard! If you need any help please send me an email!