Design the Perfect Email Newsletter!

The Perfect Email Newsletter!

Your company wants to keep in touch with customers, and update them on your offerings of new products and services. The key to opening communication is a strong email nurture campaign. Breadcrumb your customers into coming back to you to make a purchase.

Create the perfect email newsletter in a few easy steps:

Subject Line:

Keep it short and simple. Something that will grab your viewer, try to use an emoji that describes your business or email.


Your Company Name, along with a 2-3 word tagline.

Reply Email:

Use a “real person” if possible. People will be more likely to respond and ask questions.

Email Elements


A quick Company pitch.


Well designed area for your company logo, tagline or description.


Grab your readers attention! Use 1-2 keywords and be engaging and informative.


Short phrases that communicate your most important points, perhaps try bolding it!


Visuals improve your newsletter, especially unique ones that are branded. Draw people in with video, photos, illustration or an infographic.


Keep sentences and paragraphs short! Use headers, sub-headers, bullets, lists, bold & italics.


Always have a line including how to contact you, links to social media and your website, reaffirming your brand.

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