Google Alerts

Keep up to date on your brand with:


Either keep plugging it into Google every day or down-arrow-iconSet up a Google Alert to notify you by email whenever something new on your brand appears in search results.

Step 1 Sign into Google

Step 2 Visit www.google.com/alerts

Step 3 Pick a search phrase that is moderately specific.

#Marketing #SarahVanMarketing #SVM #DigitalMarketing

Step 4 Create Alert Button

Step 5 You can modify your Alert by clicking on show options.

Step 6 Pick a rate of notifications

  • At most once a day
  • At most once a week
  • As it happens
  • All results / or only the best quality

Enjoy a quick email on your industry and your business at your leisure. I like to check mine once a Week with my coffee. The bonus is the free post ideas for Social Media. If you would like to hear more, contact me at sarahvanmarketing@gmail.com



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